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"Vintage" VT Wonen Christmas inspiration

I apologize to all VT Wonen readers who have seen these images before... They are several years old but I still find them so very inspiring and just had to post.The worn, rough cement, distressed reclaimed wood, and then the stark clean white contrasts... gorgeous. And what about the embroidered napkins? The branch used to display stockings and special decorations? Love it! Old news or not. :)
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  1. Really enjoyed this post! The paper trees and people are really special and I love all that white! I was thinking of leaving out the colour this year so that confirms it, white it will be!

  2. very interesting !!! there is many ideas on this post .... thanks for sharing !

  3. you are like me, I got a lot of "old" living etc magazines

  4. Sooo happy to hear you enjoyed the images! Glad they were still worth posting, 'old' news or not! :)

  5. so beautiful and inspiring. It's nice to see these simple self made ideas as christmas decoration.
    I really enjoy your blog, btw!


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